Quick & Speedy support that treats customers well, 24/7 Support is the only way to maintain a happy customer base that grows your business.

Outsourced technical support services from Erictos helps you deliver fast, expert assistance. At a low fixed price per month, we maintain high service up-time, and deliver 24/7 technical support over help desk, live chat and phone.


Web Host

Data centers

Cloud Providers

eCommerce Websites

Mobile Apps

Business Websites

Why you’ll Choose ERICTOS

11 years Erictos has constantly innovated to build world class systems and procedures with only one focused goal – delightful customer support. Everything we do is centered around you and your customers. From this ultimate goal, we’ve worked backwards, and created a host of features in our outsourced technical support services

White label Support

We work using your support desk, as your staff, under your brand name.

24/7 Support Availability

Your customers get prompt support, round the clock, any day of the week.

Certified Quality

Each support interaction is performed as per the strict ISO 9001 standard.