We keep your applications and infrastructure performing optimally, so that you can focus on what you do best – creating an awesome service.
Online hosted apps and services receive thousands of connections per minute. A delay in service response or a downtime will put a noticeable dent in service reliability records. Erictos helps you eliver high performance hosted services by keeping your infrastructure optimized and secured.


Why outsource server management?

Focus on your core business

When you outsource server management services, you are essentially freeing up your time to focus on your core business, which would otherwise be spent on monitoring the infrastructure, responding to emergencies, or managing a sysadmin team.

Professional server management
We all have our specialties – the things we are good at. You are good in your business, and we are good in server management. By outsourcing, you gain from the expertise and insights of a professional company focused only on server management.
Save costs

Maintaining a full fledged server management team can cost your a pretty penny. By outsourcing server management, you save on the costs of maintaining office infrastructure, recruitment, payroll management, etc., without compromising on service quality.


Server monitoring

Emergency service restoration

Performance tuning

Server hardening

System software management

Disaster recovery