Through periodic security audits/hardening and zero-day emergency patching,we keep your services bullet-proof.
Server security is an ever changing battle field. New vulnerabilities are found every day, and hackers continually create new attack tactics to exploit them. Erictos implements comprehensive multi-layered security that includes firewalls, services hardening, network hardening, etc. that blocks all exploit attempts on the server.


Security Audits

Services Hardening

Security software setup

1) Security Audits

In periodic security audits, we systematically scan for vulnerabilities in the system and service settings. Anti-malware and rootkit detection tools are used to make sure the server is not infected in any way.

2) Services Hardening

Your server would ideally be configured for auto-updates. In servers where manual monitored updates are preferred, we periodically update server security patches, firewall rules, WAF rules, etc.

3) Security software setup

Each server has a unique threat signature. During the security audit, most
common attack patterns are identified and systems are implemented to
effectively defend against all such attacks.