Search engines giving higher priority to faster websites, it is not enough to install an application in its basic configuration. Application settings, server settings and caching methods should be optimized to deliver a 2-seconds response time. Erictos engineers optimize database connection settings, web server settings, cache systems, app settings and mail server settings to ensure a fast and secure website access.


Dependency resolution

App securing


1) Dependency resolution

Custom installation of applications often require additional web server modules to support its features. We resolve server dependencies, and with comprehensive testing, ensure that web server settings are optimized to allow proper functioning of the features.

2) App securing

Default application installs leave a lot of loose ends for attackers to exploit. We clean up app folders, secure critical directories, and set minimal permissions to files and folders. Additionally, we help you configure web application firewall rules to block application specific attacks.

3) App optimization

The volume and kind of traffic of each site is unique. Erictos engineers customize web server settings, database connection settings, and mail server settings to match the performance demands of your website. Additionally, caching systems are configured to further improve performance..

How it Works

Here are a few application configuration issues that Erictos engineers work on a day to day basis:

  • Setting up customized CMS configurations like WordPress multisite,Drupal, Joomla, etc.
  • Setting up collaboration suites like SoGo, etc.
  • Setting up customized SSL settings like wildcard SSL, EV SSL, etc.
  • Updating plugins/add-ons for installed applications, and resolving the required dependencies.
  • Installing business specific applications like SKDate, Jquery FileUp, etc.

Supported Technologies





Android app

iPhone/iPad app