Looking for expert help with a server issue? We can help you fix your server the right way the first time.
While fixing a server issue or configuring a new feature, it is important to understand the performance, security and maintenance impact of changes made to the server. With years of experience in server administration, Erictos engineers make server updates that are thoroughly vetted to cause zero impact on security, performance or maintainability.


Emergency administration

Server troubleshooting

Infrastructure setup

Server hardening

Server optimization

Application installation

Server configuration

Application troubleshooting

Data migration

Emergency administration

Quickly recover from a service downtime, and optimize your servers to avoid similar downtimes.

  • Recovering from high server load – preventing future recurrence.
  • Server recovery after hardware failure like hard disk crash, RAID corruption, etc.
  • Data recovery after file system corruption.
  • Recovering data from crashed database and crashed mail files.
  • Recovering website from a hack incident. Cleaning out malware, and restoring from backups.
  • Recovering from a server wide hack. Investigating vulnerabilities, and re-loading the server if required.
  • Blocking incoming DoS attacks. Installing and configuring systems to mitigate incoming attacks.
  • Recovering from IP blacklisting and blocking outgoing spam. Locating the vulnerability, and preventing exploitation.
  • Hardening the server from inbound spamming. Installing and configuring anti-spam systems to drop spam at connection level.
Server troubleshooting

With tried and tested troubleshooting procedures, we quickly locate the issue, and restore service quality.

  • Database server issues like upgrade errors, slow access speeds, replication delays, etc.
  • Web server issues like module errors, broken upgrades, load balancing issues, etc.
  • Mail server issues like mail delivery errors, mail delivery delays, upgrade errors, mailing list issues, etc.
  • DNS server issues like anti-spam records configuration, DNS cluster sync errors, propagation delays, etc.
  • System software issues like file system partition errors, firewall errors, network configuration issues, upgrade issues, etc.
  • Hardware configuration issues like network card setting issues, hard disk errors, memory performance issues, etc.
  • FTP server issues like active/passive errors, passive port range issues, virtual host config issues, etc.
Infrastructure setup

Get new services custom configured and optimized for your server infrastructure.

  • Installing database server clusters, and migrating data from the previous database.
  • Setting up new HTTP servers or load balanced server clusters, and migrating data from existing servers.
  • Server backup configuration, and setting up disaster recovery procedures.
  • Server setup with specialized hardware requirements like SAS partition, RAID redundancy, etc.
  • Setup centralized services. Eg: DNS, backup, monitoring, single-sign-on, configuration management, etc.
Server hardening

Get expert help in recovering from a security issue and hardening your server against future attacks.

  • Server recovery after a website hack, server hack, malware hosting, etc.
  • Security audit based on standards (like PCI-DSS), security hardening.
  • Security software installation and configuration.
  • Setup and configure security firewalls like, anti-spam gateway, web application firewall, etc.
Server optimization

Recover quickly from a server performance issue, and optimize your servers with Erictos administration.

  • Recovering from high server load.
  • Fixing slow database access speeds.
  • Implementing optimization solutions like load-balancing and cluster setup for DNS, web, mail and database services.
Application installation

Meet all your business needs and security/optimization requirements with our custom installation service.

  • Setting up customized CMS configurations like WordPress multisite, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
  • Setting up collaboration suites like Zimbra, SoGo, etc.
  • Setting up customized SSL settings like wildcard SSL, EV SSL, etc.
  • Updating plugins/add-ons for installed applications, and resolving the required dependencies.
  • Installing business specific applications like SKDate, Jquery FileUp, etc.
Server configuration

Erictos experts re-configure your servers to meet your specific requirements with minimal downtime.

  • Web server modules installation and custom configuration.
  • DNS servers re-configuration.
  • Firewall installation and configuration.
  • Anti-spam system and mail server configuration.
Application troubleshooting

We quickly identify the cause of an application error, and help you restore any lost data.

  • Troubleshooting errors in CMS suites like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
  • Troubleshooting errors in mail and collaboration suites like Zimbra, SoGo, Horde, etc.
  • Troubleshooting software dependency errors in custom developed websites. Eg: PHP, Python, Perl, etc.
Data migration

We help you migrate data to your new infrastructure with zero data loss, and minimal downtime.

  • Migrating database from an old version to a new version.
  • Migrating database from one platform to another. Eg: MySQL to MariaDB.
  • Migrating mail data to a new mail server/cluster.
  • Migrating web hosting accounts from one platform to another. Eg: Windows to Linux migration.