We quickly identify the cause of an application error, and help you restore any lost data.
The reason for an application error may not be immediately apparent. Cryptic error messages and insufficient log infomation could hinder fast troubleshooting. Erictos engineers use advanced troubleshooting techniques to quickly locate the source of the error and implement a permanent fix to prevent the recurrence of the issue.


Advanced troubleshooting

Permanent resolution

1) Advanced troubleshooting

Application could fail due to upgrade errors, database corruption, security restrictions, web server settings or inadvertent changes to file permissions. Using extended logging, process tracing and varied number of troubleshooting techniques, we quickly locate the source of application failure.

2) Permanent resolution

In resolving an application failure, it is important to identify why the error occurred in the first place. Bobcares engineers not only fix the immediate error, but go one step further and outline processes and systems to prevent the recurrence of the issue.

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