An average online service receives thousands of connections per minute. A delay in service response or downtime can lead to lost revenue and reputation. We help you maintain high uptime and responsiveness through preventive infrastructure maintenance and 24/7 emergency support.

Investigation Process

Many people think that a hardware upgrade is the best way to speed up a server. It seems intuitive that more memory, or CPU can deliver better performance. But, hardware upgrades are only a temporary fix, if the server’s services are not optimized.

A vast majority of online applications are hosted using a web server front-end and database servers in the back-end. Over time, these services tend to cause CPU, memory and I/O bottlenecks, that lead to poor performance or even server crashes

Erictos the first line of defense against such performance issues is 24/7 server monitoring and rescue.

Our experts monitor customer servers round the clock. When we detect an anomaly, like slow website speed, we immediately login to the server, kill abusive processes, and prevent a server crash.

But waiting for an issue to happen, and jumping in to rescue is not the best way to keep a server stable. That is why we do regular Preventive Sever Maintenance.