On an average server, 60+ mails get delivered every minute, and website databases get modified by 800+ requests. Service suspension, data migration, and DNS switching need to be meticulously planned to divert new data updates to the target server to avoid split data, or data loss. With years of experience on our side, Erictos engineers help you migrate your servers without any data loss, and with minimal downtime.


Zero data loss


Minimal downtime

1) Zero data loss

Split-data is a common issue noted in un-planned server migrations. It  happens when data get updated in source server after the data copy is done, but the DNS keeps pointing to the old server. By carefully synchronizing data copy, service suspension, and DNS switching, data loss is reduced to zero.

2) Compatibility

When migrating data between different versions of software or entirely different server software, data must first be converted into an interchangeable format. We do a pre-migration audit to identify all such constraints, and systematically resolve them to ensure a smooth switch-over to the new system.

3) Minimal downtime

During a migration, the data transfer, service suspension, and DNS synching should be timed to perfection to reduce the downtime of domains. By creating  a detailed list of fault points, carefully monitoring for service  continuity, and diligent testing at receiving end, domain downtimes are  minimized.

What Ways We do

Here are a few data migration cases that we work on a day to day basis:

  • Migrating database from an old version to a new version.
  • Migrating database from one platform to another. Eg: MySQL to MariaDB.
  • Migrating mail data to a new mail server/cluster.
  • Migrating web hosting accounts from one platform to another. Eg:Windows to Linux migration.